I am also a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and can offer further insight into your heart and mind.


Magda Blanco Healing was founded in February 2004 for the purpose of providing spiritual healing and conscious contact between my clients and their spiritual guides.
Originating in Miami, Florida, Magda Blanco Healing served clients in the South Florida community. I am now located in Omaha, Nebraska serving the Midwest, as well as clients from all over the United States. I provide quality services for international clients as well.


Mission Statement & Goals

Magda Blanco Healing exists to help my clients to: achieve conscious communication with their higher selves/guardian angels, and spirit teachers; manifest their highest destinies; and to create and maintain balanced, healthy bodies, minds, and spirits.
The services I provide for my clients are: channeling my client’s guides as well as my own, hypnosis, intuition, numerology, Vedic astrology, dream analysis, and tarot. I am also an ordained minister with the Universal Brotherhood.
The ability to speak both English and Spanish fluently allows me to reach a diverse client base.