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Tarot: Why Should I Get A Professional Tarot Reader?

1.UNBIASED ANSWERS. When you really want to know the true answers to your questions, it is always best to get a professional Tarot reader. A professional Tarot reader does not have any bias or investment regarding you and your choices, nor does she/he have any prior prejudice one way or the other about you or your question. Therefore the answers and messages you receive will be as clear and accurate as possible, provided the reader is really gifted in reading the Tarot cards.

2.UNDERSTANDING THE ANSWER. A truly gifted Tarot reader will help you to understand, embrace, and implement the answers and guidance the cards give you.

3.OBJECTIVE VIEW POINT. When you read the cards for yourself, the likelihood is that you will have either consciously or unconsciously a desired outcome and will, therefore, not be able to clearly interpret the messages in the cards or be able to clearly receive the psychic messages from your own higher self, spirit guides, or intuition. This can also apply to a friend who is reading the cards for you. It is very difficult for our friends to be objective with regard to our choices in life, because they become enmeshed with us and we with them, so that often it is impossible for them to see with any more clarity than we can see, what the different perspectives regarding an issue or an opportunity that may be presented to us are. Seeking out a professional Tarot reader affords you the invaluable perspective of an unobstructed view of your question.

4.UNCOVER HIDDEN ISSUES. A professional Tarot reader can reveal hidden issues to which you were previously oblivious, as well as give you the insights and tools to wind your way out of a dilemma or to create a desired goal.

5.MULTI-LEVEL MEANINGS. There are many levels of interpretation and a vast amount of information encoded into each Tarot card. This is why it is so important to have a Tarot reader who is very well trained in metaphysical studies as well as able to easily and powerfully contact the highest spiritual dimensions in order to convey the complete message that the querent (person asking the question) is asking.

6.PSYCHIC/INTUITIVE INFORMATION. A really gifted Tarot reader should give the querent additional psychic or intuitive information received from the spirit guides who surround both the reader and the querent. This takes a lot of skill and gifts that everyone can develop but few have truly mastered.

Providing my clients with the highest degree of healing and cutting edge therapies is the result of my dedication, professional experience, academic training, and my passion for my mission in life.
As a professional practitioner, I have diverse skills, experience and knowledge in spiritual matters, holistic health care, and personal growth which I am continually evolving in order to better serve my client.

I look forward to the pleasure to serve you, and I am very grateful for the opportunity!

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology or Jyotish is an Indian system of divination. It is a model of reality which interprets the observed conditions of the Cosmos. Jyotish is a Sanskrit term derived from two roots: Jyoti which means light, and Isha, which means Lord or God. Jyotish means the Lord of Light, with a special mention to the sun, moon, stars, and planets. It is a science of the study of heavenly lights and their effects on human life.

Vedic astrology helps to achieve the 4 main goals of human life:

Dharma (merit)
Artha (acquiring wealth)
Karma (worldly enjoyment)
Moksha (enlightenment and liberation)

It governs not only individual life but global affairs as well. The study of the influence of light of every human being and things is the science of Jyotish.
According to ancient Jyotish, Saturn is the most distant heavenly body which influences Earth, and the Moon is the nearest. The Sun is considered the soul of our solar system. The ancient styling of Jyotish uses an accurate mathematical calculation to determine the position of the past, present, and future of the heavenly bodies in order to foretell the future of individuals and the fate of nations.
The true sense of the word Jyotish embraces the whole human being in order to bring health, happiness, joy, and harmony in personal relationships and in the business world.

Vedic astrology was revealed to the great sages of India around 2000 B.C.E. The great sage Maharishi Parashara was the most influential. Vedic Astrology uses a Sidereal Zodiac. The Zodiac is the band of the stars that encircles the Earth and through which the Sun appears to move.
The natal chart is a map of the planets in the heavens at the time, place, year, and date of your birth. The relationship the planets have to each other as well as the signs they are in, and their placement in the sky are what describe a person’s life.
The relationships of the planets describe a person’s life and help give insight and understanding regarding our strengths, weaknesses, and destiny. They can give us the insight to change what needs to be changed in order to improve our life. We can clearly see our purpose, talents, and gifts, and head in the right direction.

The planets move relative to the stars. Transits are a technique of prediction used in Astrology. They predict events in the future as well as how you can maximize the potential of these events.

How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is a heightened sense of awareness. You are always fully conscious and in complete control of your experiences while under hypnosis. Magda will guide you into a very deep, relaxed state in your body and mind. This will allow you to access your subconscious mind on a very deep level. The degree to which you are able to let go and trust the process is the degree to which you will go into a deep, relaxed state. Magda has 16 years of experience as a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and hypnotherapist, and therefore has a lot of expertise in helping you to achieve your deepest level of relaxation possible. Each time you experience a hypnosis session, it becomes easier and easier to achieve an even deeper state of relaxation/trance which allows for even greater healing.

You have the choice to trust your higher self and your spirit guides and to allow yourself to go very deep in trance and receive profound healing, or you can choose to stay in a light trance and receive a healing on a more surface level. The depth of trance (deep, relaxed state) that you achieve is up to you. The more you undergo hypnosis, the easier it is to go deeper and deeper into a more profound state of trance. Some people achieve a very deep trance state easier than others but anyone can achieve a deep state of trance, if that is their intent and desire, and they have a professionally trained, experienced hypnotherapist like Magda.

Your higher self will be right there with you guiding you and protecting you so that you only access issues/wounds/fears that you are ready to face and to heal at the time of the session. You will never be presented with anything that you are not ready or able to see, feel, or heal.
If at first you feel uncertain or fearful about what you are ready to address in your hypnosis session, your higher self will guide you to issues that are easiest to see and heal at first until you become more comfortable and feel safe enough to address your deeper issues. If you feel ready to address your deepest issues right from your first hypnosis session, then you have the choice to do that and to receive a complete healing of that particular fear or at least begin to minimize that fear, in accordance with your openness and readiness to have it healed. It is all up to you.
When a person is under hypnosis, they see and feel with the help of their higher self and their guides rather than from the limited, fearful, narrow eyes of their ego. Hypnosis allows the person to transcend their ego limitations and to achieve conscious awareness from the higher dimensions where there is no fear, anger, hate, or judgment; there is only love and light.

This state of heightened awareness enables you to see the set of circumstances that surrounded you when you attracted the fearful or painful experiences that have resulted in your issues/problems/blocks/fears in your present life. Experiencing these issues from a perspective of love, compassion, and non-judgment while under hypnosis opens the door to allowing love and healing to enter into the space in your heart and mind where fear had once resided and allows the opportunity for that fear to be healed completely.

The result is that you let go of the anchor of fear that was interfering with your happiness and your ability to have a successful, peaceful, and joyful life. Once the anchor is released, the energy that was previously being used to hold on tightly to the fear gets freed up to be expended in ways that attract more of what you want in life rather than more of what you don’t want. In its place, Magda will give you an anchor of love, success, and joy that will help you to attract those wonderful energies into your life at a much more powerful level.

To have the fears we have in our conscious and subconscious minds is a great energy drain, and they do not benefit us in any way. So it is extremely wise and greatly advantageous for the person holding the fears as well as the world’s collective consciousness healing for each of us to deal with our own fears. In this way we can collectively raise our conscious awareness as a planet and embrace our truth and our highest destiny both individually and collectively.

As you can see, there is only love and the greatest possible healing opportunities when you undergo a hypnosis session with a gifted hypnotherapist like Magda. It is an amazing gift and opportunity and one that you will want to experience many times because it is so powerfully healing, beautiful, and loving. So don’t delay! Begin your amazing journey of healing with Magda now! You will be singing Magda’s praises like so many others once you have worked with her.