Vedic astrology or Jyotish is an Indian system of divination. It is a model of reality which interprets the observed conditions of the Cosmos. Jyotish is a Sanskrit term derived from two roots: Jyoti which means light, and Isha, which means Lord or God. Jyotish means the Lord of Light, with a special mention to the sun, moon, stars, and planets. It is a science of the study of heavenly lights and their effects on human life.

Vedic astrology helps to achieve the 4 main goals of human life:

Dharma (merit)
Artha (acquiring wealth)
Karma (worldly enjoyment)
Moksha (enlightenment and liberation)

It governs not only individual life but global affairs as well. The study of the influence of light of every human being and things is the science of Jyotish.
According to ancient Jyotish, Saturn is the most distant heavenly body which influences Earth, and the Moon is the nearest. The Sun is considered the soul of our solar system. The ancient styling of Jyotish uses an accurate mathematical calculation to determine the position of the past, present, and future of the heavenly bodies in order to foretell the future of individuals and the fate of nations.
The true sense of the word Jyotish embraces the whole human being in order to bring health, happiness, joy, and harmony in personal relationships and in the business world.

Vedic astrology was revealed to the great sages of India around 2000 B.C.E. The great sage Maharishi Parashara was the most influential. Vedic Astrology uses a Sidereal Zodiac. The Zodiac is the band of the stars that encircles the Earth and through which the Sun appears to move.
The natal chart is a map of the planets in the heavens at the time, place, year, and date of your birth. The relationship the planets have to each other as well as the signs they are in, and their placement in the sky are what describe a person’s life.
The relationships of the planets describe a person’s life and help give insight and understanding regarding our strengths, weaknesses, and destiny. They can give us the insight to change what needs to be changed in order to improve our life. We can clearly see our purpose, talents, and gifts, and head in the right direction.

The planets move relative to the stars. Transits are a technique of prediction used in Astrology. They predict events in the future as well as how you can maximize the potential of these events.