Past-life regression is going back in time in order to review previous lives you have experienced. This concept implies reincarnation is the main mechanism the soul utilizes in order to progress spiritually.
In past lives, we have experienced the lives of other genders, races, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, geographical locations, and even fame. The mind which stores all this information is the subconscious mind. It is not readily available in our conscious and must be accessed through past-life regression as guided by an expert.

We all carry burdens from our pasts in this life and others. It is because of this that we may feel we know somebody before we really do. It is because of past lives we are able to connect to certain individuals quickly and seemingly without reason; on the same token, this is partially to blame for us not liking certain individuals, when we do not quite know the reason. Déjá vu is another phenomenon which can be accounted for by past lives being remembered in our subconscious. If you feel a place you have never visited before is familiar, this may be a result of our subconscious memories of previous lifetimes.

Through undergoing past-life regressions, you may be able to improve your self-esteem, improve your self-efficacy, improve the quality of your current and future relationships, and above all, you may come to understand and know yourself better. To demonstrate the effects past lives may have on our current situations, I will use two examples of people who have come to me and I have helped.
Earlier this year, I had a woman visit my office who was unable to have children. There was no biological basis for her inability to have children. Upon probing lightly into her past lives, I was able to guide her to find the cause. In one of her many past lives, she had lost many of her children and consequently decided to no longer have children following that in order to never suffer through that experience again. The effects of this desire persisted well into this life. After becoming aware of this situation, she was able to address the issue and come to peace with it. Following this, she was finally able to have children. She verified she was pregnant only three months following her past-life regression and the healing of her past.

About two years ago, another woman came to me seeking assistance in determining the root cause of her relationship issues. She kept on attracting men who were violent and controlling into her life. She underwent a past-life regression, and through this she was able to see she had been a violent man in her past lives. She had previously hurt others in relationships in her past life. She felt guilty as a result of her past. She went through the process of healing her past and forgiving her previous actions, which resulted in her finally being able to find a fulfilling, healthy relationship.
It is my belief that all people have something to work on through past-life regressions. The issues we are stuck in during this life, that is to say, the issue we are most affected by, are the ones which must be resolved through a past-life regression. Again, the regression should be guided by an expert to correctly ascertain the root of the problem and furthermore address it. The process is simple for the one undergoing it, but the act of guiding requires some expertise. I would be honored to assist you, and I would love nothing more than to help as many individuals as I can to help live more fulfilling and successful lives.

Many blessings to all of you,

Magda Blanco