1.UNBIASED ANSWERS. When you really want to know the true answers to your questions, it is always best to get a professional Tarot reader. A professional Tarot reader does not have any bias or investment regarding you and your choices, nor does she/he have any prior prejudice one way or the other about you or your question. Therefore the answers and messages you receive will be as clear and accurate as possible, provided the reader is really gifted in reading the Tarot cards.

2.UNDERSTANDING THE ANSWER. A truly gifted Tarot reader will help you to understand, embrace, and implement the answers and guidance the cards give you.

3.OBJECTIVE VIEW POINT. When you read the cards for yourself, the likelihood is that you will have either consciously or unconsciously a desired outcome and will, therefore, not be able to clearly interpret the messages in the cards or be able to clearly receive the psychic messages from your own higher self, spirit guides, or intuition. This can also apply to a friend who is reading the cards for you. It is very difficult for our friends to be objective with regard to our choices in life, because they become enmeshed with us and we with them, so that often it is impossible for them to see with any more clarity than we can see, what the different perspectives regarding an issue or an opportunity that may be presented to us are. Seeking out a professional Tarot reader affords you the invaluable perspective of an unobstructed view of your question.

4.UNCOVER HIDDEN ISSUES. A professional Tarot reader can reveal hidden issues to which you were previously oblivious, as well as give you the insights and tools to wind your way out of a dilemma or to create a desired goal.

5.MULTI-LEVEL MEANINGS. There are many levels of interpretation and a vast amount of information encoded into each Tarot card. This is why it is so important to have a Tarot reader who is very well trained in metaphysical studies as well as able to easily and powerfully contact the highest spiritual dimensions in order to convey the complete message that the querent (person asking the question) is asking.

6.PSYCHIC/INTUITIVE INFORMATION. A really gifted Tarot reader should give the querent additional psychic or intuitive information received from the spirit guides who surround both the reader and the querent. This takes a lot of skill and gifts that everyone can develop but few have truly mastered.

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